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Hexen/heretic sprites in doom?

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I want to rip the weapons out of hexen/heretic but hexen/heretic have different platlete tables, how would i do that i know you can do it some how

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The following only applies if you can use Paint Shop Pro 6 or up[maybe lower].

1. Open PSP

2. Extract a sprite graphic from Doom.wad or Doom2.wad

3. Open the graphic in PSP

4. Save the palette of the graphic into a palette file. This will allow you to apply the said palette to any picture by using Shift+O[open palette command].

5. Get your Heretic/Hexen sprites, open them in PSP and apply the Doom palette to them and then resave them.

6. Should be all the info you need to know. :)

I used that to extract the Iron Lich, Maulotaur and D'Sparil graphics for my MOD. I also used it to extract Korax from Hexen.

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If you don't have PSP or Photoshop or something similiar, you could just use a program like Wintex and save all the graphics you want from the Hexen/Heretic WAD to bitmaps, then load them into your own WAD. The program will then automatically do the palette conversion.

It will look better if you do it with a real graphics program though.

I've also heard that DeePsea does palette conversion, but I haven't tried it myself.

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There's a much faster way using the DeePsea F7 graphics tool dialog.

1. Using the Hexen project - press F7 and Export the Hexen graphics as BMPs (that step was implied above).
2. Set the transparent color to 255,0,255 in Auto options/Color and Gamma.
3. Select Grouping and press Ctrl+left click to build up a list of all the ones you want. Then select BMP and export them all at once.
4. Now switch to the DOOM2 project, Press F7 again and select Import/Merge,
5. open a Target file to receive the images, then open all the Input files (the BMPs) above.
6. Press Insert button and include SS_START and SS_END in the target list shown (not mentioned above, but required for the ports to recognize your new sprites).
7. Position the cursor at the SS_START and Press Save (to the target file). All done.

All the colors are matched automatically saving you at least 3 steps per image (PSP open, change palette, save). Not a big deal for a few, but if you do many, it really adds up.

Happy new year.

(You could also use XWE, just a different way of doing the above. Wintex can too, but it's relatively awkward and has color issues. As I recall Hexen is tricky on some BLUE areas since DOOM doesn't quite match there. DeePsea matches as well as PSP. Sometimes one is better than the other, but it's not black and white - it depends.)

[If you use PSP I think you also have to adjust the "transparent" areas and/or change the settings in the pgm you are using to match. Best to stick with the standard values though, since those tend to work the best.]

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I have a question: does DeePsea's converter match hues that are specific for the DOOM palette; for example, change cyan to blue (always becomes green or grey with other programs, looks horrible), turn yellow-red transitions into the "gold" one?

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does DeePsea's converter match hues that are specific for the DOOM palette

If you are already using the DOOM palette, the match will be exact. That's why I mentioned setting the "transparent" color above. Wintex does NOT use a real color in the DOOM palette, so that's one reason you get in trouble there (besides having color shifts for other reasons).

If the image is just "any" palette, then there's color matching as in PSP. The only thing extra you can control is the algorithm where you can force it to look "more" for a matching color. As I mentioned, "blue" is the one that gives the most trouble because of "human" perception vs how images get encoded because of that.

In the registered version, there is a section dedicated to converting from HEXEN to DOOM (or HERETIC/STRIFE or visa-versa). It's a bit more efficient and even less work. You can just export them ALL into one WAD as LMPs. Open that PWAD, then use the F7/Graphics Editor and use the conversion tool there.

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