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To Build A Better Wad

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In order to improve wad-building skills, constructive criticism is a necessary evil. However right now there is no structure on how a wad is critiqued. Someone says something about a particular wad in their particular way and their review sometimes can be confined, constrained, and generic. Basic questions like the ones listed below would go a long way in helping an author craft and recraft his next wad if he has something solid to build on, in terms of criticism.

Just as there is a template for the text file that is uploaded to ftp.gamers.org, perhaps there should be a template for reviews. Where the reviews would be archived is a question for another time.

Some sample questions…

Texture alignment ok?…

Ammo to monsters ratio ok?…

Ratio of monsters to wad size and design ok?…

How many: Hair stands up on the back of your neck moments?

How many: Heart racing, heavy breathing, adrenaline pumping, pure chaos moments?

Most surprising moment?

Most disappointing moment?

New initiative that worked?

New initiative that didn’t work?

Number of Money Shots (those screen shots you find memorable)?

Number of scenarios/locations you chose the wrong strategy/weapon and said to yourself, “I’m fucked”?

Scenarios/locations that were too hard?

Scenarios/locations that were too easy?

Scenarios/locations that were too “cute”, or “overdone”?

Something you would have liked to have seen in the wad?

Something you would have deleted from the wad?

Ending… excellent, good, average, poor?

Did the game design and game play encourage you to think of alternate strategies to survive and move on?

Some of these questions just require a number. Other questions can be answered in as much detail you want.

It’s a thought.



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People need to come to their conclusions largely on their own. Telling them exactly what and what not to do only helps to streamline everyone into making the same maps as everyone else. Something we've seen a lot of in recent years IMO.

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It looks like someone didn't like the review of his wad on the latest t/nc.

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If I had to fill out all that crap every time I reviewed a map for newstuff, I'd give up pretty quickly.

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I think exp(x) hit the nail on the head.

Aloha, if you want more feedback for your maps, then ask for it, but suggesting this stuff for every WAD is fruitless.

Pidgeon-holing people into making maps all judged on the same criteria will just stifle creativity.

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