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Making Friendly TIDS

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Does anyone have an idea of how to change ALL friendly monster TIDS? Lets use the number 222 for example.

And for each of those friendly monsters, is there also a way to make them glow a certain color, to indicate that they are your friends?

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What exactly are you getting at? Do you mean via use of ACS? If you're using GZDoom, both of these matters are quite trivial if I'm interpreting you correctly, but it's not clear what port you're working with or exactly what you're asking.

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I am using GZDoom and I am trying to give all friendly monsters a tag without having to click on every single one on DoomBuilder.

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There's definitely a way to do what you're saying in DeHackEd, but it's not easy IIRC and will not work for DECORATE monsters, obviously. What I would do (including the "glow" you speak of):

Put this in DECORATE:

Actor FriendlyImp : DoomImp 11000
Replace DoomImp with the class you want FriendlyImp to inherit all it's traits from, including other DECORATE entries. 11000 is it's DoomEdNum, which is the # you use to place this Thing on a map. Note that you may also manually set the "Friendly" flag if you're using UDMF and Hexen format in Doom Builder 1/2.

Put this in GLDEFS:
  color 0.0 0.5 0.5
  size 44
  offset 0 32 0

object FriendlyImp
This GLDEFS code will make the FriendlyImp object glow cyan-ish (including when it dies, which you may or may not want) and is offset a bit from the ground by 32 units upward.

You can find more info on GLDEFS here.

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