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Some good Replacement wads

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I bought The ID super pack in decembre
since then i have played trough D 1 & 2. TNT Plutonia 1 & 2
memento mori. icarus and Eternal doom.

i still have a lot of megawads to finish
i recently played a level from realm 667 called Sapphire
i really liked the modernized look.

and wondered if there where any modern weapon and or monster wads as well that replaces the skins and sounds of the original weapons and monsters but still acting the same. I tried WW Redoom but it was still a bit buggy due work in progress.

i tried buetifull doom but it tried to do to much imo

thanks in advance for the help



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Hmm...aren't there enough shooting games with a modern/sci-fi modern theme that can fit your description?

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i played almost evry fps to date and i am getting quite dissapointed in modern shooters. Crysis for example may look great. but its gameplay is weak. and comes nowhere near the tense and pace of doom

i had tons more fun playing trough final doom then i did with crysis
i really have a big love for classic shooters
the ones with high pace. high difficulty fast movement. no reloads. and tons of action.

The subgenre has died out a bit.
and is now replaced by wannabe realistic and dull casual shooters
with health regenerative systems and low difficulty

thats the reason i love doom
loads of content. easy to run. hard to the bone

what i ment with my question is. if there where just some simple graphic replacements. that make weapn animations look smoother and maybe with some heavier sounds

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You might try Eriance's weapon sprites. There's probably a compiled version of his work on the Zdoom forums (zdoom.org) somewhere. His weapon sprites, all scratch drawn, have a very modernized, if somewhat cartoonish apperance. They're of superb quality and maintain the feel of a sci-fi shooter without being overly flashy.

Anyway, great to hear you still appriciate doom. Tell your local game developer to turn out 'good' games. :p

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I am working on a mod that replaces the default weapons with 35 fps weapons that are ripped from counter strike custom models in true color. The gameplay is mostly the same, but:

Pistol is a bit more powerful,

Shotgun (winchester) is a bit more powerful and has a bit of vertical spread,

Super shorty shotgun fires rapidly with a big spread and power(one shell at a time),

Chaingun is mostly the same, but is now an rpk,

Rocket launcher fires a faster, smaller rocket,

Plasma rifle fires accelerating plasma shots that spread a bit.

An old version is on the ZDoom forums, but the current version is much improved, and still under development.

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