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Chris Neilson

Linked portals problem

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I need help with linked portal. how make linked portal or find tutorial eternity map.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qnikiki1zek Test_portals.wad
Test portal when player cannot pass thru the portal on wall they linked portals are disabled plz help.

The linked portals

358 - Linked portal ceiling
359 - Linked portal floor
360 - Linked ceiling anchor
361 - Linked floor anchor
376 - Linked portal line (front)
377 - Linked portal line (back)

I put linked portal line on wall try test run on eternity doom2
Help plz.

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Your setup is outdated. Linked portals are now created on a 2-sided line, with a 0-light 64 unit deep sector behind the 2-sided line. So, put a new sector behind the trigger lines and set its brightness to 0.

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Can't get your intended setup (an Esher like structure) to work properly. Will try to find a map I saw posted earlier which had something like this.

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