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UDMF Regression Tests

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With the recent discussion about UDMF I figured I would whip up some regression tests that look for various possible compliance issues. They are definitely not exhaustive, and I will accept suggestions for additions to the set.

Also included are some error tests. These test the parser's ability to deal with various syntactic problems. Some of them require one of the errors available in the file to be uncommented so that you can test various cases without having 100 different files, but all of them are very obvious about this.


Have fun!

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They'd probably be more useful if there was a version of them already embedded into wad files. I didn't have the time or patience to do this myself yet, so if anybody happens to get around to it before I can, please let me know and we can add them to the official package :P

Also let me know if any genuine errors turn up in the regression tests ;) I tried to be as absolutely careful as possible, but something may have slipped through.

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