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GPL Skulltag Master v0.9.5

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This is an unofficial completely GPLed Master Server for the Skulltag Source Port. With this you are able to host your own master server. Last year, The Skulltag Team released the launcher protocol to it's users. After that event, I created an extremely buggy Master Server, but it was an operational Master Server. If you were around then and tried it out you should know that it has completely changed. The server was also tested extensively and improved when the Master Server was down due to The Mushroom People attacking the official master server.

This version is a complete rewrite of that version.

The download includes the base files, a Windows binary, and a source directory. If you are on Linux or an equivalent system you just need to type make and it will build.

For more information and downloads please visit http://midnightcentral.game-host.org/gstmaster/, there is also an operational master server running at midnightcentral.game-host.org:15300 so feel free to host some servers on it.

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If you want, I can put the files on File Savr. I have a premium account, so the files will be there until like 2031. :P

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