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Simple Shadows

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Hi All,

In posting this I'll possibly be shown a link or option that I've completely overlooked (and meant I needn't bother) but to the best of my knowledge shadows for actors (monsters) in ZDoom and it's variants don't exist. I did a search on the GZDoom (port I am using) and only found it mentioned as a feature suggestion that was closed due to difficulty with clipping sprites to flats.

Anyhow I had a look at the GLDEF's function and saw that it did subtractive lighting so I updated my doomdefs.txt to add a small subtractive dlight to each movement frame for all doom/doom2 enemies to simulate a simple "blob" shadow.

It's certainly not the most efficient way to go about it (as it does add a dlight for every enemy in the sector or adjacent sector you are in it seems) but it seems to do the job OK and, on my PC at least, run without giving it too much grief - I did a test with just over 300 monsters in view and it got choppy (by comparison the same area runs very smooth without the shadow definitions included).

Screenshots and a .zip with an updated lights.pk3 can be found here --> http://t.underworldgamers.com/?p=287

Kind regards,

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Bah. I have just spotted in the other thread that prboom-plus has implemented them in the latest version. :)

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