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deep question

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is there any way in deep to put a mus file...(like wintex but i cant figure that out) into ur level...?

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Yup. Real easy. You also don't have to convert the MIDI to mus, it does that by itself - but you have to change the default options which are geared towards the new ports.

Press F7 and Select "Merge/Import ..Files".
1. Open "Target Pwad", that's the one to receive the MUS.
2. Add Files - your MUS or MIDI.

If it's a MIDI and you want it to be MUS, click on "Auto Options" and click MUS. The MIDI is now converted to MUS. If it's already MUS, it's just imported (if you have the default changed to MUS as noted).

3. Click on "Save all Files and you are done.

You can import and merge ANY file. No tricks and no renaming of files required. BMPS, PCX are converted to DOOM graphics. MIDI and MUS can be automatically converted. And similarly WAV and SND have conversion options. Press Help.

The default lump name is the 1st 8 of the filename. You can rename the lump inside of DeePsea in case your filename is not the name you want.

You do have to know what lump names you are trying to replace - IOW, what the level mus name is. You also have to understand any special rules for control names required - that's what the "Insert Target" button is for - like inserting C_START and C_END at the right spots. Read the help for info on Sprites and FLATS. The BOOM docs have info on easier ways for most of the newer ports.

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