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The Facility -->Done

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Very nice. True to classic techbase styling, but a more modern take with the sloping floors and lighting and that.

Could you post a link to your E1M1 Reloaded?

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Wow. Your ZDoom editing skills are quite impressive.

I played till the part with the Lost Souls then died. Ammo's quite tight, but not too difficult. I was thikning a berzerk pack would make those Demon-punching encounters a little less repetitive, though it would also probably make the map too easy. I hate fading imps, but they're used sparingly enough that they're not too unfair. On reflection, the bit I've played so far seems to be quite well-balanced for a difficult-style map.

I gather jumping is required? It's possible to jump your way up the crates (where you first meet Sergeants) to Sector 1018.

And you missed a bronze texture on Linedef 2668, it's on the south-west pillar in the teleporter area.

I'd be surprised if this doesn't get all 4s and 5s on idgames.

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I like it - also found ammo a bit tight.

Sectors 173 and 479 have several small linedefs that think they're facing sector 171 (front and back) which I suspect is what caused me to get stuck in the floor on one occasion.

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Yes jumping is required, But I tried to make it few and far between. I fixed those sectors too.

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Here is a link for my map, Ive went back and fixed hopefully all of the texture foul ups hopefully.

Im waiting for it to be uploaded to the database but its taking awhile and I uploaded a older version because I found some more stuff I missed after I uploaded it. DOH!

Anyways tell me what you guys think.

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