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Slumped Issue (Resolved)

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I'm sure this has been answered before(I just haven't found any answers in searching). Basically the problem is, whenever I import a .bmp file into Slumped, it well, kinda does this:

Instead of converting it to a graphic it leaves it at "Image", or "Windows or OS/2 Bitmap". Which then disables it from being shown ingame. And I am using BMP because this is a wad for Original Doom, not a source port that can handle PNG's.

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Doom doesn't use BMP. It uses raw linear format for flats, and patch format for everything else.

SLumpEd only converts between formats when you tell it you want it to; when you import something, it's imported into the wad exactly as-is. To convert from another graphics format to patch format, right-click on the lump, Convert to -> Doom Graphic, and away ye go. SLumpEd's lump type display might not actually update for the change until the next time you open the wad, but it has converted it.

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I always thought Doom used 256-color BMP. Guess not, then. Thanks for the help Essel! And kristus I thought the spoiler would hide the image, and I when I saw it didn't I forgot to remove the tag.

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