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Mr. Freeze

Dumbass question...

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First, I'd like to say that I'm a first-time DooM mapper. I don't really know too much.

I am building a .wad that requires both custom textures and DEHACKED work (Woolie Wool's Mutiny 2.0 mod to be precise). I merge the .wads with DeePsea, but then the finished .wad comes out to be like 25 megabytes for one map. Is there a way to only merge textures and stuff that I'm using within the map and leave out all the rest?

I only have Doombuilder and DeePsea, so I'd appreciate it if the solution involved not having to download more programs.


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To my knowledge, there isn't a tool that can reliably remove all the stuff you are not using from a large WAD. DeePsea does have some routines to try and do this, but it can delete more than you want. For example, it has no knowledge of animations so it may leave the animation frame that is placed on the line at the start of the game but remove the other frames. You can find it under F7 - PWAD lump arranging and more. Look at the texture deletion options.

In most cases, the best, if the longest, way to do it is to manually remove what you are not using. The DeePsea texture reports can help you with this but it can still be a tedious task.

Even better is to only transfer resources into your project as you need them.

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