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Freeware: Mean Two-Fisted Biomech

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The latest hit action game from MacDee Studios is now available for download!


Here's what it has to offer:

- Move and shoot in 8 directions

- Strafe to carpet entire rooms with deadly ordnance

- Master 7 lethal weapons, from the lowly .45 ACP to the wall-bouncing Tabasco Bomb to the ultra-volatile Sherman Com-RPG

- 6 white-knuckle episodes, each location grislier than the last: prisons, sewers, and cyborg farms

- Use stealth tactics to get the drop on your foes....or brute force to plow through them

- Swim through hordes of the most unforgiving bad guys this side of freeware gaming: armored shotgunners, hungry mutants, and missile-launching biomechs

- Dodge booby traps and seemingly impossible obstacle courses

- Practice hard and destroy Pendragon Labs....even if it takes a million deaths

M2F'd Biomech will run on Windows XP and Vista, and uses the Fmod sound system to produce quality sound effects and unnerving ambiance. It also comes with an instruction manual in the form of a Word doc, for those of you who actually read ReadMe files.

So what're you waiting for? Check it out!

EDIT: Posted an updated version so F4 doesn't skip the opening scene when going fullscreen.

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UPDATE: Movie scenes are a little faster and the C/X keys' functions are included in the tutorial.

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UPDATE! Version 2.0 is now available! Now features WADS and mouselook control scheme to maximize your mayhem! Check the first post for the new download link!

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UPDATE! Version 2.1 is now available. Check the first post for the updated download link.

- Player interacts with the menus via the mouse.

- HUD display touched up a little

- Bullets slowed down to make hitting targets easier and less glitchy.

- Screen order rearranged: Id’s intro speech is only viewed when Episode 1 is selected.

- Spartan’s item-grab reach extended to make for smoother goody-snatching.

- Techies don't cause damage when touched.

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Update: version 2.11

Didn't realize the title sequence wasn't working properly. Fixed, and download in the first post is updated.

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Update! I know it's been awhile, but Biomech has received a new 3.0 flavor!

- New sprites! All the characters got makeovers.

- Spartan now uses martial arts: punch and kick your way to victory!

- You can set enemies on fire! Hit 'em with a Tabasco Bomb and watch em flail and burn. It never gets old.

- The bloodthirstiest enemies now chase you much more relentlessly: they move faster and follow you around corners!

Check out the game's webpage (first post) for the new version. If you prefer the old version, it's still available for download.

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Fixed a major bug: on the second-to-last level if the Dreadmech ran over a mutant it killed Spartan instead of the mutant. Shouldn't do that now.

Also made a couple tiny fixes here and there. Punches are slightly longer, kicks slightly shorter.

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