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Regarding submitting stuff to Freedoom.

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Hi all - I have played Doom since I was five years old, and have recently discovered Freedoom. I have noticed lotso differences between that list from the sticky thread about submitting stuff and the actual content in the IWAD - I noticed that the player pain had disappeared a while ago, and some say "assigned" with a date years ago. I want to help contribute with sounds, music and maps, but I am confused as to which ones will be accepted. Also, what should I name my zip files when I upload them?

Thanks in advance, Nixot.

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This thread should help you guess why resources sometime disappear from Freedoom.

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I saw that thread, but also I see that lots of the music things still say "assigned" or "done". Can I still make music and upload it stating that it's no particular level?

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Disregard the svn stuff and status pages. They are quite old. The svn is no longer updated since repo was moved to git.

Log of latest stuff.

A list appears!

For maps,

For music, ?? We just removed most of the music. Still being sorted out.

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