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Did IDFA exist in vanilla Doom 1?

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If it did, was it only present in certain versions? Not present in shareware and only registered?


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It was introduced in version 1.666. Also the game is hard-coded to prevent switching to the plasma rifle and BFG when playing the shareware WAD.

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My recollection is that it wasn't in the original release, but it was added later on. The original code for waepons and ammo was the IDKFA one which, as I'm sure you know, also gives the keys. The IDFA variant was added later (thought I can't remember in which version 1.4? ). [edit]Scet beat me[/edit]

Personally, I found it a useful addition. Often when testing maps, I might have wanted ammo and weapons but still want to go through the map logic of finding the keys and opening the doors in the intended order. Getting the keys as part of the cheat could mean accidentally opening a key requiring door before having actually visited the location of the key.

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