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ACS: Resurrecting

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I have an idea for part of a level that involves resurrecting a large number of corpses when the player enters an area.

My initial thought was to place the corpses around the area and use ACS to resurrect them, but I seem to recall this isn't possible (as the corpses are simply sprites, not actors). Another way I thought of was to spawn the necessary monsters and use ACS to kill them, then resurrect them when needed - but to me that seems a little messy.

I'm not entirely sure on the best way to do this, any suggestions?

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I'm going to assume ZDoom, right?

You could make switchable decorations in DECORATE. Make them something like this:

Actor ImpCorpse : SwitchingDecoration 1337
      TROO M -1
      TROO ML 8
      TROO A 0 A_SpawnItem("DoomImp")
Then use Thing_Activate to resurrect them.

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I prefer the kill/resurrect method, as it doesn't imply creating new thing types. Besides, those things would be genuine corpses, subject to any other resurrecting monster.

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Yup, but that may precisely be a point against it, if you don't want an arch-vile to raise them before the script does.

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