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How do I record demos. By this I mean where do I have to have my fires situated in order to have necessary command prompts detect exe's and such...been kinda lazy these days and would rather someone find me on aim (Khaoscythe316) to explain it to me. Every one of my custom Wad files are on a separate folder on the desktop...

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This is what I do, using prboom plus:

Type this in start/run (only with your own unique settings):

C:\prboom-plus-\prboom-plus.exe -file hr -skill 4 -warp 14 -complevel 2 -nomusic -record hr14ggg1

AFAIK the wad has to be inside the prboom folder, so just move it or paste a copy.

Compatibility level is important, see this folder path from prboom folder:

I usually use complevel 9 for 'boom'.

I mostly keep each wad + demos for that wad in its own folder. So say hr.wad and hrWhatever.lmp etc are all in a separate folder. Then I just highlight the wad and lmp and simultaneously drag/drop into prboom exe (in its own separate folder usually).

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