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Song some Hexen music is inspired by?

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According to http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Hexen_music the music for Bright Crucible is inspired by a song from the group Level 42. But it gives no clue which. Anyone know?

Since I have all the music Doom's is based on I'd like to find out. Also anyone know if levels cut from Hexen were ever released?

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The working title of the level this song was originally intended for was "Desert of Blech".

That's, uh, interesting.

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All of the info on that page was sent to me by Kevin Schilder directly. I'm sure I still have the doc file somewhere, if you really intend to be an ass about it. You would know this if you bothered to read the talk page.

I cannot identify which Level 42 song that "Level" was inspired by, after watching most of their repertoire on youtube. Given the general very upbeat nature of their music, I am guessing that it may not have been inspired directly by or contain an explicit reference to any of them in particular, but rather that it has several characteristics of their music in general.

The primary one being, of course, the driving melodic bass line which is heard at the beginning.

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And I only realized until after reading it that the Dark Crucible music is based on the Bright Crucible one. Yet they still have very different tones. Only by the end you'll hear some Bright parts in the Dark one.

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