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A couple of minor feature requests

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I'm a long-term DeeP/DeePSea user (and before that DDT and DEU), but have recently switched to Doom Builder 2 since DS really doesn't get along with Windows Vista 64-bit. I'm gradually getting used to some of the differences between the two programs, but there a couple of things that continue to bug me, and was thinking that these could alleviated by the addition of a couple of options:

1) In DB2, dragging and property editing are on the same key as one another. In DeePSea, as well as many other level editors, you can set these up to be different keys; I myself used RMB to drag stuff around, and the Enter key to edit properties. Please, please, please could you seperate them? I know it seems pretty stupid, but this would actually help out a LOT ;).

Naturally users would still be able to assign both to the same key if they want, just as they can with any other non-conflicting commands - heck, I would suggest assigning them to the same key as default.

2) Normally when you press the insert key, DB2 immediately creates a thing/vertex wherever the cursor is at. It would be awesome if an option could be added so that pressing insert enters drawing mode without immediately creating anything (i.e. the first vertex is created when you left click, or whatever "draw vertex" is assigned to in options).

EDIT: Thanks to esselfortium, I've discovered the binding "start drawing" to the insert key does exactly what I'm after here, so no need to bother with this one :).

3) When you're in drawing mode and two or more linedefs have already been created, it would be great if there was an "automatically close sectors" option so that right clicking would close the sector by drawing a linedef from the last vertex back to the first.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to make this otherwise fantastic editor (being able to preview textures is a godsend!), and for reading this post :).

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