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ZDoom freezing on "quit game"

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A little while ago a RAM chip went bad in my laptop and I had to move to my desktop to do everything; earlier today I fixed the RAM problem and now I'm back on my laptop. The thing is, on my desktop after I selected "quit game" from in the ZDoom menu, the computer would freeze. The skull icon would stop blinking and no sound would issue, except the music kept playing. I thought this was a problem between the crappy old desktop computer and Doom, so I shrugged it off. However, after reinstalling ZDoom on the laptop after fixing it today and copying over all of my WADs from the external hard drive, I am having the same exact problem on my laptop that I was having on the desktop.

Both computers are running Windows XP. The laptop I know is fully capable of running audiosurf, titan quest, and GTA San Andreas so I don't think the system specs are the problem. The thing is, I deleted my entire ZDoom folder except for my WAD collection and downloaded a fresh copy of ZDoom from zdoom.org. Is there a known bug in ZDoom that only comes up when exiting?

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I actually have the same issue myself. I have the official release and the SVN build, and the SVN build does not seem to have this problem.

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