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Editing in Zdoom Hexen mode questions

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I am making a few levels for ZDoom (Doom in Hexen mode) but I am confused regarding some things. Firstly, how do you make a hub work? I manage to teleport between levels but the player just appears at the start of the level, rather than at the exit. Also, how do you make secret areas? What sector special is needed for secret areas?

If you can answer my questions or provide a link to a reference for editing in Hexen I would be most grateful. Thank you.

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You need to set up the hub in MAPINFO. Then it's a question of using the right action special, putting player starts with the appropriate first argument in the appropriate places.

For secret sectors, the secret flag is [edit] 1024. So just add 1024 to the chosen sector effect number and it'll keep that effect plus it'll be secret. See other sector specials here.

Pretty much all the info can be found on the ZDoom wiki.

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Thanks a lot! It worked on both fronts, although I found out that the secret sector special is 1024. But thanks anyway, it works now :D

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