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How to extract a skin from a wad?

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Hello, sorry if that was already asked but I dont know what keyword to search for!

Well, I saw a member mention that using rebirth.wad he made the barons from his game have wings and the zombie headless.

I did play rebirth.wad and indeed these monsters have been modified but I dont know how to extract the modified skins to play them in regular doom 2 like that guy did...

So, is there a way to extract the skins in order to add them as individuals wads in the skulltag skins folder (I use skulltag)? I tried to use Wintex, and I did manage to extract the bmp files from the modified monsters but I have no idea on what to do with that.

How can I make these bmp files into a wad and make that wad replace the old barons with baron from Rebirth?

Btw, is there an other place than the id section on doomworld to download replacements for monsters?

Thanks for help and sorry again if that was already asked... ;(

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In REBIRTH.WAD it looks like, that the original sprites were simply replaced by modified ones. Which means, that the original behaviour, for example of the Former Human, remained the same.

You mention that you already extracted the sprite images. Then, to make a PWAD with these newer sprites is straight forward. In XWE click on FILE -> NEW. Make a new ENTRY called S_START. Highlight S_START and load the sprite images as new ENTRYs. Highlight the last image and create a new ENTRY called S_END. Save the PWAD. In XWE it looks like this:

If you are using a port like ZDoom, then you can build new behaviour for the sprites in DECORATE

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