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Combined types of impassable walls are impassable

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When you select two or more walls with different impassablitys, it will say the two or more walls are impassable.

For example.

Wall 1 is impassable
Wall 2 is passable

I select wall 1 and wall 2 together and right click. The menu says they are both impassable, and if click Apply/Ok to the options Wall 2 is now impassable, yet I didn't change any options.

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I think his point is that it's not supposed to change them unless you actually change it in the dialog; you should be able to select lines with various settings, and change only certain settings on all of them at the same time, while leaving the other settings alone.

I can't test it right now, but are you sure you haven't clicked the impassible checkbox or something? I've never encountered this issue, and I edit multiple lines pretty often o_O

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Drag to select a bunch of 1-sided and 2-sided lines all at the same time. Open up the properties dialog for them all, change some flags (IIRC I unchecked upper and lower unpegging), and hit OK.

But ARGH, I just tried it again now and it's not doing it. This is like that stupid angle 0 = angle 360 bug that I get on every map I make but can't figure out how to actually reproduce.


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