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Making Text Appear?

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Alright, so here's what I want:
When the player character walks over a certain linedef, some words appear on screen, saying something like
"One of these doors is not like the others."

How do I do that?

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For which port?

If it is for ZDoom or derivative there of, then attach the 80:ACS_execute special to the linedef. Make it walk-over, and perhaps repeatable, which then triggers the script, ie:

script 1 (void)

    print(s:"\cgRoses are red\n\chViolets are blue\n\cjSilver for me\n\cfGold for you");

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Use SLumpEd or, as me, use XWE http://www.doomworld.com/xwe/ .

If you have not downloaded the ACS script compiler yet, do so now ( http://svn.drdteam.org/ACC/acc-r1620(1630).zip ) and install it.

First, build the map in Doombuilder and save it.

Then open the map with XWE and create a new entry called SCRIPTS.

In this entry type the ACS script, then click Script on the toolbar and save it.

Then click on Script again and compile it. ( XWE will let you browse for the ACC installation. ) You will notice that the hex byte count in the BEHAVIOR lump will have gone up from 16.

very simple EXAMPLE

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This can be done in Doom Builder as well. When working on a ZDoom (Doom in Hexen format) map, press F10 in Doom Builder 2 or open the Scripts menu and click "Edit BEHAVIOR lump..." in Doom Builder.

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True, true, DuckReconMajor is quite right. You can set up the scripts in Doombuilder2. Just one thing though, the ACS compiler, which comes with DB2, is version 1.47. You might want to update it with r1620.

If you feel adventurous, then have a look at hudmessage as well http://zdoom.org/wiki/HudMessage . That will allow you to make use of some cool features.

EXAMPLE for hudmessage with a font from Sphagne's unfinished Elidor.

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