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Hellbent's attempt at a Nostalgia Community Wad idea #3419

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Okay, so the thread asking what are some memorable moments in doom kinda gave me an idea... think of all the 'templates' or motifs in Doom that you really like and incorporate them into a cohesive wad. For example, I like the following motifs/templates so I'd incorporate them all into one level:

1. the little areas that jut out into slime on E1M7 and the one at the beginning of E1M5.

2. raising platforms connecting one area to another that you need to go to--done in such a way so that you see the platform rising; especially if in an area that is much later in the level and you see the platform rising through a window--as windows to other areas in doom are win (refer to E1M7)

3. Fire / hellish indentations.

4. atmospheric secret slime areas.

5. windowed areas viewing an area you haven't yet been to (eg E1M5 where you get the yellow key)

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