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My first maps.

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I found these old things laying around on my old laptop, a good old 486 with dos on it

Thought they were pretty cool back in the day, so i went back and spiced them up a little,(You must play it in zdoom, although gzdoom looks 100 times better) thanks especially to kaiser and the doom 64 tc team for their doom 64 sprites and sounds.

Just wondering if anyone could give me a few ideas on how to improve them im trying to optimize them for co-op play, up to 8 people using gzdoom i hope.

Ill add a few pics in a second, and also try to get it available for download, its a total of 4 maps 1 incomplete, levels 1-3 and a secret level, and level 16 is not really even started, i have a few good ideas though.



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