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What's Windows Installer doing when I start Doom Builder?

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(Doom Builder 1, Windows XP)

For some reason, whenever I start Doom Builder, Windows Installer pops up and says "preparing to install". I stop it before anything happens because I didn't tell it to do anything, and after cancelling several more times, DB finally opens. But now I can't place Things! The menu opens, but then DB freezes? This never happened before, but happens every time now.

So what is the installer doing? Why has it suddenly started doing this? Should I just reinstall DB1,(DB2 runs poorly on this machine), or let the installer go through with it?

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I am not sure, how DB is installed, but if the windows installer popp up, that means, that some component is not properly installed, and the windows installer start a repair installation. You should not cancel this.

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