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Extracting Prefabs From One Wad To Another

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Hey all,

I am quite new to this DooM editing stuff. I have scanned the forum for a similiar thread but could not find anything. So....

I am currently making my first .wad on DooMBuilder 2 and am using two prefabs from another .wad (PA High to be exact. I used the WHITE wall texture and the orange and white tile-like wall texture). When I test the game (from DooMBuilder 2) using GZDoom it all looks ok. But if I load my .wad externally then the prefab textures are not visible and shows the generic blue and white checked "no prefab available" texture. What am I doing wrong????

Also, how do I create an opening "Menu" picture like so many other .wad's have? I persume DooMBuilder 2 does not have this capability so am wondering if anyone has any suggestions??

Oh, one more thing, my level is nearly finished so is there a place to share .wads made by others. I have played nearly ALL .wads off doomwadstation.com but do not think it is updated anymore. I know thats a lot of questions, please someone share the knowledge!


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"Prefab" usually means prefabricated groups of sectors in Doom modding, here you seem to only mean custom textures.

The reason they're not displayed when you load your mod directly is that they're not present in your mod file. When you test it from Doom Builder, DB tells GZDoom to also load all the needed resource files you have loaded for editing it, including that PA High mod.

So what you need to do is to use a lump management tool (I recommend slumped) to copy the needed patches from PA High to your map, and then tinker with the PNAMES and TEXTURE1 lump accordingly.

As for your last question: read this.

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Thanks Gez, I told you I was a newbie lol. Still learning. Thanks for the link. I will get on it!

Thanks for the words of wisdom.


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