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Noclip Speedruns

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I got bored and saw how quickly I knew all the levels in Doom 2. This was done on UV. You can all participate if you want :3

Oh and no god mode was used. Only noclip.

4:11 is not bad, yes?

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But in noclip mode you can't activate linedefs, teleporters, trigger secret or pick up items, including health, weapons and ammo. So it only makes sense running for the exit while avoiding taking damage as much as possible, or, if UV MAX (without items and secrets), use only fists and evade in walls. A complete run through all episodes/all of doom 2/tnt/plutonia would be interesting, as taking the shortest route to the exit may mean taking some damage.

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I'm about to call this a dumb idea, but it makes me wonder if a noclip-only level wouldn't be interesting to make, so points for that I guess.

How would a noclip-only level work, though? I know high elevations make the player drift in free fall for a while, which could be usable for certain obstacles, puzzles, etc. And clearly it'd have to be very large, or the player will be sucking void and that would look ugly. Plus a whole new set of tactics would be involved when fighting monsters, since you have more options for using cover now. Hmm...


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Yes. Just completing the game using the noclip cheat whenever. I used a bind to make it easier.

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