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Centrum - replacing E2M4

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Here is the next map in the episode 2 replacement that follows the same difficulty curve as Abyssus.

Download HERE (changed to idgames link)

Critique and criticism is always welcome, and I also like seeing people who play the level to rate/review on the idgames page.

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Loved it :)

Not as balls-to-the-wall hard as Abyssus, but still has some good tricks up its' sleeve. Sometimes lulls you into a false sense of "haha, this is just demons and imps" then bam- baron trap! I loved picking up the yellow key, just enough room to move, but no chance to stand still.

Knowing your secret style, I went around humping most consoles and computers, and found alot of them. Couldn't get that soulsphere though. I'll try again later.

Your general detailing is getting better, not many vertically-misaligned or oddly-placed textures. I love the fleshy parts you sneak into the maps, it really feels like hell is seeping in around you, crushing the base in its fist. Perhaps some buckling walls would be a good idea as you go deeper into the next few maps? Then again maybe not.

The only part I thought looked odd was the stairs where the roof height mirrors the floor, so looking back down you see lots of little cutoff circuit textures. The roof of the stairwell would probably look better either with no gradient, or just two big blocks rather than many little ones.


The exit crusher was also pretty mean :P

I died there but just had the laugh at my own foolish curiosity.

Bang up awesome job yet again :)

This map in particular reminded me of how good some of the Doom 1 music really is. I wish there were more ExMx PWADs.

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Nice to see you're trying a variety of visual styles with the map, but the overall texturing got very messy. Rooms and archtiecture were rather plain and simple (like the outdoor area) with abit too much symmetry for my taste. Some of it was unnecessary and messy like the support beams in the first room. Gameplay was probably the strongest point in the map, kept me interested to play the map so nice work with that.

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SP_rock outdoor isn't a good texture for long viewing distances as its tiling becomes more obvious from a distance. Better to stick with old reliable (Brown144)

I agree with Super Jamie about the upper textures on the two stair wells--best to do what id did (refer to e1m2) and make 2 or 3 'blocks' rather than a ceiling gradient for each step. I agree with Super Jamie about more doom pwads in general. Last night I was over at my friends and absentmindedly started humming this tune (E2M4) and then he chimed in and we both commented on how the good Doom music is. I might have more comments if I finish the map. (I died by a couple of barons).

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I was awaiting your next map! Anyway, to me, the gameplay was solid like the 3 previous maps. The details are good and the map have a nice architecture. Like Jamie said, i had to hump most console and computer to find secrets. To me it was harder than abyssus!

One thing i wanna ask is the following there's one secret passage that you seem to not be able to come out off.

Seeing there's many secret in the map i thought of searching secrets in the secret area but then the elevator went up and i couldnt make it come down anymore. Is it wanted or is it a simple error?

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I forgot to add SR Lift Lower Wait Raise to that console lift secret on the inside of it! Gonna toss up an emergency file fix.

Added a mediafire link until the file is updated.

The mediafire link may give a password protected prompt but there is no password, so it should work.

Khorus: I keep the detail at a low to medium/medium-high level to give the feeling of an id Software/1994-1995 PWAD without the crappy gameplay. That is the key of this level series...the gameplay.

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BlackFish said:

reviewed for tnc. i'll check out your other stuff. good work.

Review the copy from Mediafire for the time being...at least until the Idgames copy has a date of 6/28. Thanks.

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lol at the douche giving it a 0/5 because there is NO 3d floors.

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