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Rabies and Coleslaw (ZDoom) (Link Fixed)

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Getting hooked on World of Warcraft, so I'm gonna release this instead of letting it rot on my hard drive. Maybe I'll finish someday.

These maps are 1024 style, designed to be as action packed as possible. The first few maps are a warm up, from maps four and on things become pretty damn difficult. All these levels are beatable, play on I'm too young to die if it's too hard (half damage). Skip map05 if it won't complete when all the monsters are dead.

Changes from regular doom:

Pistol: Shoots about 50% faster.

Shotgun: Shoots about 20% faster. Two kinds of ammo.
Slugs: Does about 40% more damage than the standard doom shotgun, no spread.
Buckshot: Does the same damage and has the same spread as doom's SSG. Uses the new shotgun's rate of fire.

Chaingun: Shoots about 50% faster.


All the same except lost souls, which have 30 health now instead of the standard 100. There are some new monsters however.

Minicaco: Flies around and shoots at you. Less health than a zombieman.

Bormereth: Revives monsters like an archvile and also has the same amount of health. This is a melee monster.

RapidFireZombie: Like a zombieman, but with twice as much health and fires much faster.

Source Guardian: Same amount of health as a cacodemon. Fires grenades which bounce around.

Run in Zdoom 2.2.0 or higher.
Please bind an alt-fire key.
I suggest disabling auto-aim and enabling mouselook.
Enabling jumping can be helpful.


Sky texture:

Doom 3 monsters:

PSX doom sounds:

Realm667 Stuff.
Music from Rise of the Triad.
If anything/anybody else need credits please let me know.

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Thanks, dunno what happened to the link, was working at first. Will be fixed in a couple min...

Edit: Link fixed.

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That was fun, I like the new enemies, difficulty and pick-up-and-play-without-having-to-memorize-a-bunch-of-crap-edness. Gameplay like this has replay value instead of feeling like a memorized sequence like many other maps. 7 was hardest, followed by 8, but finally beat them all (using autoaim and no mouselook). The working strategy for 7 was to hug the corners as long as possible. I probably like those resurrecting non-arch viles better than normal viles (I hate how viles fill your screen with yellow flames).

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Thanks for the feedback. The arch vile flames piss me off too, changing the graphic or making the flames translucent has been on my to do list for awhile.

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