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ReMooD Assistance Required Later

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If you are interested in helping out the ReMooD Cause, you need the following:

  • At least 2 joysticks but no more than 6 are required for testing (choose 6).
  • Joysticks with more than 1 joystick would be nice.
  • Joysticks with at least 1 hat would also be nice.
  • Joysticks with at least 1 ball would be nice too.
  • Someone who reads PMs on this forum.
  • Someone who can compile from source and/or use an automatic build.
  • Basic knowledge of the command line to launch the game.
I am planning and hoping to implement joystick support so 4 players can play together on a single computer (via splitscreen). Legacy SDL has never had joysticks implemented but Win32 Legacy has, however the joystick would only affect the first player. I have to write the code myself and I am hoping people who actually have joysticks can help.

PM Me or post here if you would want to assist on a later date.

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GhostlyDeath said:

*Someone who can compile from source and/or use an automatic build.

Lol, the number of people able and willing to compile the source is going to be very close to zero.

You seriously cannot make test binaries for people?

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Seems like a pretty cool idea but how many people here are actually going to have more than 1 joystick on their computer, if any?

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MikeRS said:

Typing "make" is so damn hard!

I think his point is more that people are probably not willing to go to the trouble of setting up the proper compiling environment. I certainly wouldn't be.

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What's going to happen is that there will be a bunch of joysticks connected to the computer, ReMooD can use up to 4 at once but any of those joysticks. For example, joystick #2 can be bound to player 2, so when the joystick sticks are moved, they move player 2. Also, button binds will be bound to that player number also (so JOY2xxxx).

and I can make builds for a system (Windows & Linux), all I have to do is login and commence a build and it will be made.

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