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GUI: Windows 7 at 125% font size issue

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Hi CodeImp,

DB2 has convinced me to get back into mapping, and it's been slow but steady for me so far.

Under XP with large fonts, I've had no problem on my main laptop, but my main workstation now runs Windows 7, and I have fonts set to 125% size. I also have texture previews set to 128x128. The result is that whenever I'm picking textures on sidedefs, the GUI looks like this:

I hope you can tweak this, because I miss being able to copy/paste texture names!

Otherwise, I'm having few issues with DB2 only my lack of knowledge. It's put the fun back into mapping, for sure. :)


Edit: Other pages are okay, the things and vertex editors are fine, but the linedef properties page also passes off the bottom in a similar fashion.

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