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Ridiculous monster behaviour (flying Baron of Hell). Could someone explain this??

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I thought I've seen it all. Arch-viles inflicting 20 points of damage,
ghosts and such. But what happened in this demo???

This is from MM2.wad, my unsuccessful attempt at beating MAP18 Tyson-style.
If you give it -skipsec 940 (or just wait > 15 minutes...), you'll see a Baron of Hell fighting at ground level. When I'm busy fighting Lost Souls and a Pain Elemental and lose him from sight for a moment, the Baron "jumps" into a platform which is 64 units high!

Is someone able to explain this?


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Sorry, man, there is no wonder, there is trivial lift, which was activated by caco.

You may see it by yourself in PrBoom+, pressing NumPad0 two times for independent camera mode.

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