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Im almost ready to go nuts. How do I add custom textures

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I test in Skulltag these checkered Squares show up and now im trying to use this CC4 texture set under boom and Doom builder 2 keeps crashing.. i created a new wad file in an attempt to copy and paste all the contents of cc4 over to it incase that helps but its a no go..xwe just keeps refusing to do it.. can ANYONE provide me with some assistance.

I think I may have worked it out.. not 100% certain.

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Make a simple MAP01 with 2 sectors. Save and close.

Open WAD in XWE, double-click the Patches button, and select your texture BMP/PNG/GIF/etc in the file window that comes up.

Close, re-open in editor and your custom texture will appear.

Protip: call all your textures with the same suffix (eg: DDROCK, DDWATER, etc) so you can easily find them and don't lose one texture in amongst all the IWAD ones.

To do what you're asking, you may find it easier to open CC4 in XWE and remove everything except the TEXTURES and PNAMES lumps, and the corresponding textures, flats and markers.

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