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How to add a custom sound from a wad into another wad?

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Hello, I've looked for several tutorials and wikia about this but I still cant figure what to do.

It's a simple thing but I'm fairly new to doom editing.

There is this wad called Beautiful Doom. In this wad, when the doomguy walks we can hear his footsteps.

I want to isolate these custom sounds into an individual wad because I'm not interested in the other features of beautiful doom.

I opened the wad in XWE, I found the different wave files and they are the ones I'm looking for.

But, when I paste them into a new wad and save it and then load it nothing happens. I still cant hear the custom sounds.

So, what am I supposed to do? In a nutshell, how do I add a custom sound in a wad? I don't want to replace an existing one, I want to add one.

Am I supposed to use a marker? Like, S_START like I use in custom sprites or something else?

XWE Documentation tells me that I just have to load them but nothing happens. I can't even save the wad if I dont add an untitled marker on the list.


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For the footstep effects, I assume that Beautiful Doom has actually recoded the player. So in order to add the footstep effects, you'll need not only his sound files, but also the SNDINFO (to define the sound effects for ZDoom), Decorate (specifically the code that allows the player to make footstep noise), and Keyconf (to support the recoded player class).

If that's going over your head, then perhaps someone can suggest something simpler.

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Hey, well I managed to isolate the correct files... now everything works fine except one thing...

When I load the wad it says that it has "protected lump decorate" and that I cant use it online... and indeed I cant. :(

Is there a way around it?

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schneider54 said:When I load the wad it says that it has "protected lump decorate" and that I cant use it online... and indeed I cant. :([/B]

Sounds like you're using Skulltag. You can't use it online unless you find a server that uses the same mod.

DECORATE lumps contain actor definitions, so if they're not identical for everyone connected to the same server, there are at the very least high risks of desync. It could also be used for cheating, of course, if it were allowed.

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