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DECORATE script effects

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I am creating a weapon mod for doom and I can't find out from other mods or from other sites how to get a certain effect.
I was wondering when a "custom missile" actor hits a wall, how can I make a crater, bullet hole, or scorch mark appear.

^This is what I'm talking about^

The effect in the picture is preffered

Also: how can I make it so that the player starts with the custom weapon?

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Ok, just another question so that I don't need to start a new thread. if i want to create a weapon that you can look down the sights like in most fps' using alt fire, I know that you can put an animation on the first few lines, but how do I make it so that it stays like that for the duration of the hold and add an animation of it going back down on release. And how do I make the primary fire more accurate during the hold. (I know about x and y spread)
And thanks for the decal refrence.
I just got into weapon modding a couple of days ago :P

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Nevermind about the whole aiming portion. Hold states, I got it.
But still, how do you make bullets more acurate while in the hold state, or can you even fire while in the altfire's hold state

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