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Super Jamie

Help with Boom Lighting Transfer

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I have a bunch of dark (112) sectors of varying floor/ceiling height tagged 9, and one brighter (144) dummy sector not connected to any of these also tagged 9.

I have a linedef of type S1 Change Light To Brightest (169) tagged 9, naturally this has an SW texture.

When I flick the switch in GZDoom, all the sectors tagged 9 light up to a uniform brighter level and all is well. When I try this in PrBoom or Eternity, only some of the sectors light up, which spoils the intended look quite alot. There doesn't seem to be anything special about the sectors it doesn't choose, and I've checked and double-checked my tags.


Edit: Ohhhh, it's Change Light to Brightest Adjacent Sector.

Er, disregard that, I suck cocks.

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From Boomref.txt

Lights to Maximum Neighbor

Each tagged sector is set to the maximum light level found in any adjacent sector. The tagged sectors are changed in numerical order, and this may influence the result.

In other words, if a sector has no brighter neighbor, then there is no guarantee that it will change.

So you need a more complicated arrangement of dummy sectors.

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