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Mega wad in progress; 'DOOMED' in need of play testers.

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After a long time with no news its time for an update.
Mega WAD status:
MAP01- 60%
MAP02- 50%
MAP03- 0%
MAP04- 40%
MAP05- 50%
MAP06- 0%
MAP07- 0%
MAP08- 99%
MAP09- 98%
MAP10- 0%
MAP31- 20%

I am in the middle of a Mega WAD project for Zdoom and zddom based ports entitled DOOMED. The story runs parralel to the events in Doom 2, except you play as an average Joe, who was at the office when hell came to earth. You play trying to find your family and more importantly stay alive.

Currently only MAP08 and MAP09 are complete enough to be worth play testing with every other map with nay progress made on it except 31 having a start and an exit but are not anywhere near the standard I am aiming for in terms of gameplay or detail.
Here are some screen shots:

I am currently in need of a few play testers for MAP08 which is complete except for minor decorations outside the level which are viewable but not reachable. The exit sign pole and a couple of large ugly textures are just place holders until I can detail these areas. The map is completable from a pistol start and please let me know if there are any points where you get genuinely stuck so that there is no way to progress or any glaring errors or imbalances

Also thanks to creator of Beautiful doom 'Jekyll grim payne' as there are elements of his wad within mine that complement it (in my oppinion far more than they complement standard doom2)

Please send me a personal message if you are interested in play testing.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Having been keeping mostly quiet on the progress of this WAD for some time here are some screen shots of MAP09 which is in progress. Sorry if this thread is a little old to bump but it felt silly to start a new one when this is already here.

And I could do with some more play testers for MAP08 if anyone is interested...


EDIT: MAP09 is now playable (yep still bumping this old thread). I will be looking for playtesters pretty soon, so if you would like to have a look then give us a shout and I will give you a bell when it is done (will be in the next couple of weeks.
Here are some new screen shots while you wait...

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Zafbot said:

i can play test it...once i get home on friday.

if I don't have 2 more playtesters ready and willing by friday then sure.

EDIT: and patrick, I sent you a pm with a link to the level attatched, enjoy.

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If you could PM me your link again, the last one seems to have died on me.

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Can I say sorry to those of whom I have already sent my WAD to as there are other MAPs unintentionally included in the WAD that are in a very unfinished, practically unplayable state. I have also PMed you so please don't bother playing maps 1,2,4 or 5 as they are pretty shoddy and really not worth your time of day. Please just idclev to MAP08 and hopefully enjoy...

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Swec, can you please send me those pictures again but not as a .rar file as I don't have a functioning copy of winrar on my computer. a .zip file would be best or simply leave them uncompressed.

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Sorry for the maHOOSive delay. There were a couple of unforseen issues such as Windows deciding that the most useful thing it could possibly do would be to need a complete reinstall when I had many important deadlines looming. So that rather got shoved in the to do pile despite being 99.9% complete.

Well anyway, you two expect PMs within the next couple of hours and also I will sned one to Kyka as he said (admitedly quite a while ago) that he would playtest anything I needed playtesting. He was probably hoping I would forget. haha.

Well anyway, it's MAP09 I really want the feedback on, I look forward to hearing from you. Anyone else who wants to playtest, give us a shout.

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I'll help play-test your map. But... um, what exactly would you need me to play-test report on? I haven't play-tested anything before.

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