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Doom Legacy (mac)

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Ok so i lost my dell (broken for good :( ) so all my old doom things are gone for good :( even the new maps i was working on XP so i decided to try and get doom working on my mac.
I have all the wad files
and doom legacy.
Now i run doom legacy but I have no idea how to get anything besides Doom 2 to work. And also when it does work some of the sounds don't work and chunks of levels are gone (like still there but invisible) Now i don't know how to work mac's at all lol so any help would be appredciated. Thank you :D
P.s how do i run PWAD's on doom legacy i have only used skulltag and Zdoom on my dell

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Google for the Mac versions of PrBoom-Plus, Doomsday Engine, or ZDoom.

The Mac port of Doom Legacy is even buggier and more outdated than the Windows version; I wouldn't recommend it.

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