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Tribute - Reloading the Combat Shotgun?

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Note: I sent out a PM to Zalewa about this. However, he/she has not been on for 3 weeks, so I have doubts as to when I'll get my reply. So I decided to post a question about this as well.

I'm trying to play Tribute, but the Combat Shotgun (the one you pick up right away in the first level) reloads only one shell at a time after using up the initial 8 shells. The only way I can find to get more is to pick up ammo for it. I just have the feel there has to be a way to fully reload it manually; otherwise, the weapon is ridiculously slow. If anyone knows a way, please post it here; that would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Is there a link to this wad? I want to check this out for myself.

From what you're describing though, it sounds like you have to hold down the reload button to fully reload the shotgun. Is that correct or am I totally missing something here?

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Yes, hold the alt-fire down to fully reload the gun, but even reloading just once gives you two shells, not one, so it may be a bug.

Are you using Skulltag?

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