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A new map: beta testers needed

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This is my first map for doom2, and I'd like some feedback from
the regular doom mappers before I publish it.

screenshots (zdoom):

Very basic description:
The map starts in a UAC style base but you find yourself walking
into hell itself as the base is taken over by the evil forces.

Suggestions are welcome, especially considering gameplay/monsters/
the map route/traps/lighting/textures/etc

There will be more information for those who want to test the map
in a private message, along with a link to the map and the
accompanying text file.

Thanks to anyone who is interested.

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I'm just going to go ahead and release the map now instead and hope for some feedback of any kind, because the /newstuff reviews probably won't tell me too much about what can be effectively improved in this map, and I'd like more detail about whats good/bad about the map than
just a short paragraph. Walk around in God mode and notarget mode, if you just want to scout the map. I'd like to gather enough reviews to make this an official release later, as well as to help me jump-start on making more, better quality Doom maps.


* This is probably a small-medium map with ~100 monsters, the map is not completely linear, but you should have no problem finding where to go or what course to take. Some paths are more opportune than other paths, but you could still take the more difficult route without getting slaughtered.

* There are 3 secrets, all in the UAC base (for now). Ammo might be tight, but the map is designed that way. For the final battle I tried to make something different. There are many switches you must hit to exit the level while you are trying to kill/dodge the final monsters. However, the walls in the arena move up and down from linedefs to mix up the arena style. Tell me how to improve this for gameplay flow/fairness, etc. The switches are marked by candles if they are lowered into the ground, but they can still be used. There were originally 2 cyberdemons in the final battle, but I changed that at the last minute because I think it was too difficult. Let me know about that.

* Again, I would like constructive suggestions on everything so that this could become a better map.

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On an initial run through, couldn't make it all the way through because there isn't enough ammo. From inside the base to leaving into hell territory (abrupt transition that didn't really make much sense) I was always on the brink of running out of ammo/out of ammo. The ammo is way too tight.

Outside the base I had not a single shell or bullet to shoot so I went through the teleporter...only to be surrounded by even more monsters. Didn't bother playing past that.

There were a lot of misalligned textures and a lot of stuff that didn't make much sense (what's with that area near the beginning with the few sergeants outside with two flaming barrels? just some random enclosed area that has no apparent entrance/exit?)

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There's enough ammo for finishing the map, although a bit more wouldn't hurt. But why is this supposed to be a ZDoom map? It works just as fine in prboom+, except that you didn't bother to delete the 3D mode start.

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