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Doom Builder 2 pacifists

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So I downloaded doom builder 2.

I'm a noob so bare with me ):

I set up the Doom 2 PWAD or whatever, and set Zdoom as the testing engine. No matter how I try to run my levels, the monsters are all ways totally passive. They won't aggro until you shoot, and then they don't attack.

I've checked what I believe to be every setting in the whole program, but I'm sure there's something I overlooked. Can some body help? Dooms no fun if the bad guys don't fight back (:

P.S. Same results when I test the map on Skulltag, so I bet it's not Zdoom!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but Skulltag, in my opinion, is basically ZDoom and GZDoom, blended together with a few more bells and whistles (I think). So, if I where testing the theory of an overlooked setting in ZDoom, I wouldn't, personally, test it Skulltag but instead I would try ports like Boom, Legacy, and even just simply testing it in just Doom 2, or Ultimate Doom, or Final Doom.

I don't think I can be of further help until I try it for myself and attempt to replicate your dilemma. I haven't yet gotten to a point in any DB2 map that I have added monsters.

Now that I think about it, I think I remember seeing a console command that adjust whether or not the monsters attack the player. I believe it's "Hatetarget" but I'm not sure.

EDIT: Found it. Try this. just open the console and type in "notarget" to toggle it on and off.

* notarget

Toggles notarget mode on/off. While active, monsters will not target you unless you hurt them first. In "modern FPS", monsters "can't find you" when in notarget mode. This is not the case with ZDoom.

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If you use Zennode as a nodebuilder AND your map consists of only one sector, this may happen.

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16 minutes ago, scifista42 said:

If you use Zennode as a nodebuilder AND your map consists of only one sector, this may happen.

I'll check if this applies to ZokumBSP, and if so, try to fix it. Nice info!


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