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Trauma is a 32 levels megawad in the progress by me, it will be a pretty straight forward and classic megawad, I also try to make it difficult compared to Plutonia, HR, AV, etc. It is made for vanilla Doom 2 / Chocolate Doom.

My plan so far is:
Map01-map11: Techbase, wasteland theme.
Map12-map20: A mix of many things. Brick, city, etc... (still not sure)
Map21-map30: Classic hell maps. Marble, wood, metal, rockred, etc...
Map31: The secret map, I am using the idea Dutch Devil gave me. :)
Map32: Classic Slaughter map.

(I have a few levels planned too, map24 will of course be a Living End themed map :P)

My map from the the "2 weeks" megawad project(map15) will be map11 of this project.

Map##: Progress - "Name" - "Music" - Screenshots

Map01: 95% - <none> - <none (but maybe Tech Base)> - [1] [2] [3]

Map03: 95% - "The Core" - <none> - [1] [2] [3]

Map08: 90% - <none> - <none> - [1] [2] [3] [4]

Map10: 90% - <none> - <none> - [1] [2] [3]
Map11: 95% - "Communication Station" - <none>

Map31: 5% - "Hide and Seek" - <none>

Flee, Journey, Tech Base and Trapped by Stewboy / Forty-two (so far I haven't assigned them to any map.)

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Looks nice. Looks roomy which is promising for the gameplay department.

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I really do like classic megawads, so I am quite looking forward to yours. Good stuff you've got there. :-)

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Krispavera said:

Not enough sectors in there, not sure if I can play this.

Just kidding, this looks fantastic.

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Hey cool, very old-skool. It actually looks like someone's got a megawad from the 90s when people had a clue about making actual good maps, then taken the too-bright areas and added the usual modern stuff like fading light, inset-detailed walls and sensible texture bordering.

I can't help but notice a few odd graphical choices, namely the bright SHAWN-backgrounded computers and UAC sign around otherwise dirty brown and green nukage walls. Some poor marine certainly had to polish them alot :P

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@Jamie: Visual contrast is a good thing, yo. A map that's entirely brownish with no bright silver or colored highlights can be pretty dull!

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