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Sketches from the school days

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Going to school has never been a thing for me and I was always bored in class. Most of my notebooks are filled with drawings/sketches of whatever I would think of at the time, generally weird stuff involving chainsaws, weapons and horror. I've scanned some of the stuff I still have, most of it is made around 15 years ago:

Quick sketches of the former human and chaingunner.

Some Doom inspired gore and a dining ghoul.

My favorite Quake monster; the ogre, slicing through some sort of a demon.

A possessed Evil Dead 2 Ash.

A couple of Warhammer 40,000 Wolf Guard Terminators.

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Thanks for the comments. Yes I was pretty bored with school, although some of these sketches were probably not made in one go.

Another one with horror characters posing:

The guy standing behind is the kung-fu priest from Braindead. Not sure who the guy with the mustache is, maybe the undertaker from Braindead.

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I especially like the Predator and the Xenomorph sketches in the last picture. You're a very good artist. :)

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I used to doodle all the time instead of taking notes too, but yours are a heck of a lot better than mine were. :P Cool stuff all around, I like Evil Ash and the dining ghoul the best.

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Thanks again for the comments, I am a big fan of Predator.

Love your sculpting work, very creative and skillfully done. I used to paint Warhammer (mostly fantasy) figures and know how much effort it takes to paint small scale stuff, but you even make the models yourself!

Here's David versus Goliath:

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