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So I recently bought a tablet for my laptop and it's so far been the best 50 dollars I ever spent. So here's some of my things I drew and modified in someway.

Picture of my hand with added fire.

I didn't use the tablet for this one. All I did was modify the front of my Xbox using various brushes and filters.

This should look vaguely familiar.

And finally, this is a monster that I originally wanted to, and kind of did, put in Doom. It worked in the sense that it could move, attack, and die, but it was heavily bugged, and I haven't yet got around to fixing them.

For more of my stuff, please visit my page at http://archvile68.deviantart.com/.

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Shadow Dweller said:

50 dollars

Mind telling me where you found this? I got a $300 touch screen for Christmas only to find out it's more for touching than for drawing. It'll do for now, though.

What is this "Anti-sec Movement" thing? I can't see half your images.

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I don't use it but the common alternative is Photobucket.

Anyway, back on topic, I think you've done some pretty cool stuff so far. I especially like the Firebird and the Electric Cat.

Though he looks neat already, I think it would be awesome if you gave Arch-vile Cat yellow glow and everything.

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Oh yeah, I forgot all about Photobucket. Anyway, thanks for the help! The new images are uploaded and should be working fine.

i should probably run a system scan for viruses, just in case.

Oh and thanks for the comment, I didn't notice that you edited your post.

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I like the picture with the hand the most. As someone who favours digital art, I really need to get around to owning my own tablet.

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Pretty cool stuff, I especially like the Arch-Vile cat, and the crawly demon thing is cool too.

I concur about Photobucket as well--I've used it for years with no problems.

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Coopersville said:

I like the picture with the hand the most.

Same here. Though, the Arch Vile cat is pretty cool too. :P

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