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Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

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I like to think, if Doom 3 didn't chicken out and go half-way with action, it could have been more like this.

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DISCLAIMER: This WAD WILL be played CONTINUOUSLY because its pistol starts, especially the final map, are incredibly stupid.



Eternity - E2M1: From Here to Eternity (Hermans/Nathrath)


The first area in the marble church is pretty beautiful for 1994 and one of the landmarks of the WAD, it's well detailed. Other areas not as much but it's still alright. This map has a clinical lack of ammo and that hurts. A lot. You see me punch stuff and leave lost souls behind because AMMO! I hope the rest of the episode won't be so dry ammo-wise. Though, I can't say I didn't enjoy this map.

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