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Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

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On Saturday I went all the way through Disparate Realities. Very tough wad, had to save scumm a lot, but still a fun stream overall.



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Here's a video where I play a funny Doom WAD called Pingas.wad:



And here's a video where I play a good Doom WAD called SLAUGHT.wad:



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Ok this may be the worst thing I've ever done.


I decided to demo+viddump my first-ever TNT playthrough on skill 1. 

I used -recordfromto instead of savegames to keep in one consistent demo file.

It got super long so I started using -skipsec

It's kind of annoying to find a good -skipsec value so I got lazy and started using ultra-high numbers, expecting it to drop me off at the end.

I thought it worked. But no. It sat me at the end of the demo and waited x seconds.

This results in a few hours of standing in place and staring at end-of-level stat screens.


Then, after over 11 hours of nonsense, you get the non-climactic end of me getting stopped by the stair glitch on map30! 


Please do not watch this.



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(Post deleted)

Edited by Gokuma : Topic too spammed and takes forever to load

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