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Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

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some random Sunlust stuff




sharing this (failed attempt) here, because it was fun and got pretty far for a 1st attempt with no lube prep. the mess-up is embarrassing, but platforming is the one thing that could've benefited from me prepping setups for the different movement speed. :P


I probably won't try more attempts because the momentary lapse in judgment that required me to randomly do it in the first place is unlikely to recur. 




Casual max of 29 with the actually kinda reliable fast strategy for the first part. Didn't practice before this to have exact approaches ready (just relied on having played it previously), so the rest is pretty messy at times, but I'm trying to be more comfortable sharing videos like that. ;)   




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Here's my fourth random Doom WAD quadruple feature:



And here's a video where I play abase2.wad, along with a bonus WAD named teledest.wad:



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My friends and I have been playing the Doom Board Game on Tabletop Simulator. Here's what we've got so far!





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If you are like many others who had no idea a board game for Doom even existed, here's a little overview video I put together for it:



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