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Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

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A quick guide to orienteering in some specific MyHouse.wad locations.




Door sequence

1. →

Swimming pool

2. →

3. ↑

4. ←


Arc to the large hall

6. 3-4 sec ↑, slightly ←

Endless staircase

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Undoubtedly one of the hardest map in this mod. The map I hated most normally, ended up playing in this mod because I find the challenge really interesting. It was almost impossible because of the Stalker appearance in close situation and eventually giving an instant kill. I was absolutely surprised this time too but so lucky that I got past her and didn't get confused on my way to the teleporter. You can see I was also about to be killed by the Creeper just before this. This map is really on another level in a total dark and creepy mod like this, especially if you are playing hard difficulty.

NOTE: For taking the route, I didn't take any kind of help from any demo, playthrough, walkthrough or whatever. I solved this thing all by myself. I just think the route is best for solving this map in this mod and I'm very happy that I finally beat this map without getting confused on my way.


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es una guia al 100% de un wad que encontré en moddb solo estaba usando el mod de canela de animal crossing porque me parecía relativamente tierno y no use los comandos esos para hacerle esas cosas y también un contador de todos los items,secretos y kills tengo una libreta del gobierno así que por eso a veces se ve como el culo

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when you go through teleporters audio from the mario movie 1993 comes on "you were in another dimension? yeah another dimension...hey! this guy thinks he was in another dimension!"

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How to get the green armor on Classic Doom 3's E1M7 Computer Station



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DOOM 32X Resurrection got further updates over these last couple of weeks. I ended up running through the latest version last night. The Cyber Demon and Spider Mastermind have been added in. 



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